2-160510: Short Fast Clamping Bolt (Burnished)

2-160510: Short Fast Clamping Bolt (Burnished)

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The Siegmund Short Fast Clamping Bolt (Burnished) with twist lock, perfect connecting element between Siegmund components. It features especially large balls, which protect the bevel of the boreholes as a result of low surface pressure. The fourth ball located in the center, reduces internal friction and strengthens the power of the handwheel. The new design of the bolt is not equipped with O-rings, but it still is easy to clean.

Note: This bolt MUST NOT be used for connecting tables and U-shaped squares!

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160510
- Burnished
- For Clamping 2 Siegmund Components
- With Screw Top
- With Hexagon Socket (Size 4)
- Length: 53mm (2.08'')
- Diameter: 16mm (0.62'')
- Shearing Force: 55 kN
- Tightening Torque Steel: 10 Nm
- Tightening Torque Aluminum: 2.5 Nm
- Tensile Force: 10 kN
- Weight: 0.18 Ibs. (0.08kg)


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