2-280773: 90° Angle Socket for Clamping Pipe

2-280773: 90° Angle Socket for Clamping Pipe

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The Siegmund 90° Angle Socket Bushing / Sleeve (Item No. 2-280773, also known as S2-280773), can be flexibly used in conjunction with a Clamping Pipe (Item No. 2-280750 + 2-280642).

By using a Threaded Bushing (Item No. 2-280618), the Angle Bushing / Sleeve can be used in combination with a threaded arbor. Axial distance arbor 40mm.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-280773
Axial Arbor Distance: 40mm
- Length: 85mm (3.34'')
- Width: 85mm (3.34'')
- Height: 40mm (1.57'')
- Weight: 0.85 Ibs.


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