Oilstone 150x50x25mm / 5.90"x1.96"x0.98" (Item No. 2-000942)

Oilstone 150x50x25mm / 5.90"x1.96"x0.98" (Item No. 2-000942)

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Oilstone (Item No. 2-000942, also known as S2-000942) - To maintain the smooth surface of the welding table and other Siegmund elements, a flat oil stone should be used exclusively, in order to remove damages or welding spatters. We strongly advise against the use of other abrasives and grinding machines, like flex discs. With the Siegmund Oilstone, you have the ideal tool to maintain the smoothness of the table surface. Suitable for non-nitrided welding tables and accessories.

Specs and Features:

  • Length: (a) 150mm (5.90'')
  • Width: (b) 50mm (1.96'')
  • Height: (c) 25mm (0.98'')
  • Weight: 0.92 Ibs


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