Siegmund offers products to maintain and support your Siegmund Welding Tables and Welding Tables Accessories, such as the Anti-Spatter Spray, which is a non-flammable, water soluble anti-spatter agent, preventing the welding table from welding spatter burn-in. By using Anti-Spatter, no toxic or harmful vapours or corrosive particles are generated. Along with the Clean Basic Spray is a water-based cleaner, suited for the daily cleaning of the table. Under regular conditions, the anti-corrosive ingredients prevent rust. However, if rust should appear as a result of extremely high humidity, a water-based cleaner should not be used. And the Oilstones, which are used to maintain the smooth surface of the welding table and other Siegmund elements, a flat oil stone should be used exclusively, in order to remove damages or welding spatters. We strongly advise against the use of other abrasives and grinding machines, like flex discs. With the Siegmund Oilstone, you have the ideal tool to maintain the smoothness of the table surface (the oilstone is not recommended for Plasma Nitrided Surfaces).

Maintenance Products

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