US160610: Professional Screw Clamp (Burnished / Nitrided)

US160610: Professional Screw Clamp (Burnished / Nitrided)

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Item No. US160610: Professional Screw Clamp (Burnished / Nitrided) for the Siegmund System 16 Imperial Series (INCH) Welding Tables

Professional Screw Clamp, enables fast, powerful and exact clamping with a variety of welding elements. Achieve maximum efficiency through time-saving, quick adjustments and effortless disassembly. For individual modification, we offer special lengths of horizontal and vertical bars. The dimensions of the horizontal bar are 0.78"x0.39". The dimensions of the vertical bar are 0.78"x0.51", which is additionally reinforced.

A long lifetime and efficiency is guaranteed by the burnished material, as well as the option to order spare parts individually.

With the new handwheel on the cast iron cross, the height can be adjusted within seconds.

  • Material Type: Burnished / Nitrided
  • Maximum Load: 2.5 kN
  • Ball Spindle Diameter: 0.315" O.D.


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