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You get what you pay for!

I have learned from experience you get what you pay for. This welding table is the definition of that. Once you see and use this table it will change the way you can fabricate. One... if not THE hardest, flattest, and best weld tables on the planet!

- Greg ("Red Beard's Garage" on Youtube with over 230k Subscribers)

Incredible Support from Siegmund

These tables and tooling are the best. We just got 2 system 28 tables and a tooling kit. I should have purchased some of these tables years ago. It is hard to imagine how much time it can save and how versatile they are until you actually get your hands on it. You get a perfectly flat surface, everything is instantly squared up using any of the holes or the table edges for horizontal applications or the tooling to creat a vertical square. It makes projects I used to dread be enjoyable because it makes it so easy. If I would have bought them 10 years ago they would have paid for themselves multiple times over from all of the wasted time spent using squares and levels. I love a good product when I see one and this is one of the best.

- Daniel Smith (Smith's Welding Co.)

47+ Years, I've Never Had It This Easy

Can not express enough how much I LOVE my Siegmund welding table setup!! Thank you Quantum Machinery for all the exceptional support, those guys know their stuff. If you are on the fence about a Siegmund table, just know from my 47+ years of experience that this table and the table accessories has dramatically decreased our setup times in my shop, the tables are so flat, and the holes are so precise! I don't know why it took me so long to finally move on one! Thanks again Siegmund and Quantum!!!

- Grant Barker (Infinity Welding)


The new Siegmund Chassis table showed up and wow is it amazing! Big thank you to Quantum Machinery!!

- Jeff Lutz (Lutz Race Cars / "Street Outlaws" on the Discovery Channel)

Best Tool in the Shop

Best tool in the shop. The table has a huge range of uses and makes even the seemingly impossible projects possible and accurate. The product support is exceptional as well.

- Jake Curry (Win It Metalworks)

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