Siegmund Testimonials of the USA

Siegmund makes the BEST Welding Tables in world. And that's not just coming out of our mouths (Even though we whole heartedly believe that ourselves).. Look below to see what others have to say..

Old Foundry Toy Works

"Imagine not having to fabricate any more custom one-off welding jigs (for the most part), being able to depend on a standard of flatness so that there is no more second-guessing prior to tacking up your fitments, and honestly enjoying the preparation… this is exactly what you will do with this welding fixture system, it’s like a giant adult Lego set allowing you to build custom jigs, temporary frames..... (continued)"
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— Jason Spangle | Lebanon, Indiana

Owner of Old Foundry Toy Works |

2dash1 LLC

"Once purchasing the Siegmund Table we've been able to cut our production time tremendously, and our quality has improved because of it’s flat surface. It's easy for me to transform my design into reality without as much headache as before. The Quantum Machinery Group made this purchase easy and fast. I hate that I waited so long to get it."

— Gabrielle Grosso | Gastonia, North Carolina

Owner of 2dash1 LLC |


Red Beard's Garage

"I have learned from experience you get what you pay for. Our Siegmund welding table is the definition of that. Once you see and use this table it will change the way you can fabricate. One... if not THE hardest, flattest, and best weld tables on the planet!"

— Greg Davis (aka Red Beard) | Sweetwater, Tennessee

Owner of Red Beard's Garage |  | Visit Red Beard's Garage's Youtube Channel by CLICKING HERE

Lutz Race Cars

Jeff Lutz (Lutzs Race Cars) from Street Outlaws is world famous and has over 515,000+ Instagram Followers and over 500,000+ Facebook Fans and is currently filming with his Siegmund table on the Discover Channel! When he received his Siegmund Welding Table and Accessories from us, he had nothing but the best things to say, "Wow! Our Siegmund table is amazing!" and after spending a few weeks with it, Jeff wrote on his instagram that his Siegmund Welding Table makes fixturing everything so much easier for him and his team!

— Jeff Lutz (of Street Outlaws) | Callery, Pennsylvania

Owner of Lutz Race Cars |  | Visit Lutz Race Cars on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

Allsets Design and Construction

"Our welding department is constantly changing fabrication methods between jobs. Seems like we are always reinventing the wheel. The Siegmund tables have been a game changer for us. Complete control over jig and layouts has allowed us to quickly adapt to the needs of the job. Steel fab that would have been too time consuming and been abandoned in favor of carpentry build-outs are now easily jigged up. We are fabricating with tighter tolerances than we’ve ever been able to achieve.... (continued)"
(Click on "Review the Full Testimonial for Allsets Design and Construction" to read the full review.)

— Ian Singleton | Sun Valley, California

Design Supervisor of Allsets Design and Construction |

South Bay Fabrication Inc.

"Purchasing our Siegmund welding tables has been a great addition to our shop. We have three tables now and use them in a variety of ways. We do a lot of custom architectural weldments, as well as one off parts. these welding tables have improved our precision and weld time greatly. The first job we did consisted of over 400 pieces of 1" x 1" x .048 grade 304 SST tubing all welded together to create 13 sections at 12" x 12" x 90" long and a pillar that was 24" sq. x 72" tall. All 13 sections fit together perfectly! These tables are fantastic! We highly recommend Siegmund!"

— Cliff Klein | Huntington Beach, California

Owner of South Bay Fabrication Inc. |

Mark TK Welding, Inc.

"We absolutely LOVE the Siegmund Welding tables. We started out with 1 and within a month we purchased another! We save a tremendous amount of time fitting up. No more pulling diagonals to make sure our pieces are square. That alone saves costly mistakes due to one person reading or holding the tape measure differently than the other guy. These tables will easily pay for themselves. Also in the past we always had to tack our pieces to the tables. Not anymore! The clamps work wonderfully and hold the pieces square and tight. No more grinding off tacks and gouging tables. We highly recommend Siegmund tables and accessories!"

— Dave Hogue | Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Owner of Mark TK Welding, Inc. |


IRcustom has a great following on Facebook and Instagram. Over their social media platforms, Rob and Anthony Divito are continually displaying all of the ways that they utilize their Siegmund Welding Tables and Fixtures to assist them in crafting their beautiful, futuristic and modern Conference Tables and Executive Desks. Simply put.. They build STATEMENTS! These brothers truly do share a love for Industrial Quality Construction & Beautiful Solid Hardwoods. IRcustom brings a modern, minimalist aesthetic to industrial style.

(Their products are wholly designed and fabricated in their shop in Lake Zurich, Illinois, U.S.A.)

iRCustom | Lake Zurich, Illinois

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