2-160511: Fast Clamping Bolt without Double Slot (Burnished)

2-160511: Fast Clamping Bolt without Double Slot (Burnished)

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This bolt comes without the slot for O-rings. This ensures a smooth surface of the bolt body. The bolt without slot is particularly suitable for clamping aluminum profiles and is also still compatible with the entire Siegmund range.

The fast clamping bolt with twist-lock is the ideal connecting element between Siegmund components.

Note: This bolt CANNOT be used for connecting tables and U-shaped squares!

Our recommendation when working with aluminum profiles.

Clamping torque dependent on material.

When clamping aluminum parts, the bolts must only be tightened hand-tight.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160511
- Burnished
- With Screw Top
- Length 53 mm (2.09")
- Diameter 16 mm (.63")
- Shearing Force: 55 kN
- Tightening Torque Steel: 10 Nm
- Tightening Torque Aluminum: 2.5 Nm
- Tensile Force: 10 kN
- Weight 0.18 lbs.


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Blair Dibben

2-160511: Fast Clamping Bolt without Double Slot (Burnished)