2-160561: Long Connecting Bolt (Burnished)

2-160561: Long Connecting Bolt (Burnished)

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The Siegmund Long Burnished Connecting Bolt was especially designed as a fixed long-term connection of 3 large Siegmund Elements / Components, e.g. tables or U-shaped squares.

The countersunk hexagon socket and the ability of the clamping bolt to center itself, enable easy assembly. The flat head and the flat bolt contain a hexagon socket for clamping. The connecting bolt provides a sturdy screw connection. The Connecting Bolt should not be used in oblong holes.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160561
- Burnished
- For Connecting 3 Large Siegmund Components
- With Hexagon Socket
- Length: 37mm (1.45'')
- Diameter: 16mm (0.62'')
- Shearing Force: 50kN
- Tightening Torque Steel: 15Nm
- Tensile Force: 4kN
- Weight: 0.11 Ibs.


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