2-160661: Blank Pressure Ball for Screw Clamps (Burnished)

2-160661: Blank Pressure Ball for Screw Clamps (Burnished)

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The Siegmund Blank Pressure "Ball" for Screw Clamps is for the following clamps: 2-160610, 2-160630, 2-160620, 2-160601 & 2-160604, trapezoid thread of 12x3 mm, according to customer specifications Pressure Ball for Screw Clamps, especially designed for clamping in corners or grooves. Due to its location at the ball head of the threaded arbor, the prism is movable, and can therefore be precisely mounted to the work piece. It can be replaced by simply removing it from the ball head. The Pressure Ball is available in various materials.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-160661
- Burnished
- Trapezoid Thread is 12x3mm
- Height: 25mm (0.98'')
- Diameter: 25 mm (0.98'')
- Weight: 0.15 Ibs.


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