2-280417: 50x182mm Flex Stop (Galvanized Steel)

2-280417: 50x182mm Flex Stop (Galvanized Steel)

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The Siegmund 2-280417: 50x182mm Flex Stop (Galvanized Steel) spans the hole distance, even with diagonal applications. Flex Stop Steel, individually adjustable through the oblong hole, which provides a multitude of options. Due to its rounded sides, it can be used in corners, as well as free formed clamping surfaces. 

Specs and Features:
- Item No.: 2-280417
- Length (a):
 182mm (7.16")
- Width (b): 36mm (1.41")
- Material Thickness (d): 50mm (1.96")
- Wall Thickness (d1): 6mm (0.236")
- Adjusting Range (f): 150mm (5.90")
- Weight: 1.43 lbs. / 0.65 kg.


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