2-280619: Tr 12x3mm Thread Bushing

2-280619: Tr 12x3mm Thread Bushing

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The Siegmund 2-280619: Tr 12x3mm Thread Bushing was especially designed for working in restricted spaces. The threaded bushing is the compatible counterpart which incorporates screw clamp arbors from the 16 mm system (Tr 12x3mm) or the 28mm system (Tr 20x4mm). A combination of threaded bushing, screw clamp arbor and heavy squares, is ideal to perform complicated horizontal clamping tasks.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-280619
Acme trapezoidal thread 12x3mm for system 16 screw clamp arbor.
- Height: 23mm (0.90'')
- Diameter Ø: 32mm (1.25'')
- Weight: 0.15 Ibs.


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