4-AR22024150.V: 1500x200x150mm U-Shape Aluminum Profile

4-AR22024150.V: 1500x200x150mm U-Shape Aluminum Profile

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For System 22 Metric Series Welding Tables 

Whether as table extension or as vertical clamping surface, The Siegmund 1500x200x150mm U-Shape Aluminum Profile For System 22 Metric Series Welding Tables are versatile in their application. Thanks to the light weight, you can also easily position and clamp large aluminum profiles by hand.
Due to the manufacturing process, residual chippings can remain in the profiles.

Thanks to their properties, aluminum profiles are well suited as clamping tools, though depending on their usage they are subjects to wear.
Products made of aluminum are well suited for tacking your welding assemblies.
While welding we recommend to cover or, if possible, remove the aluminum profiles.
To assure a prolonged service life of your aluminum profiles, we recommend the use of an anti-spatter spray (e.g. Siegmund anti-spatter spray). Occasionally adhered weld spatters can be removed by grinding. Despite all precautions, it is possible that iron residues remain in the aluminum. We recommend separating the production into work areas for rusting and non-rusting materials.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 4-AR22024150.V
Clamping On Up To 4 Sides Possible.
‐ Requires Clamping Bolt Without Slot Double
‐ From 1000 mm Support Through Table Leg Required (Reduction Bushing 000542 required) ‐ Flatness Tolerance < 0,9 mm / 1000 mm
- Length: 1500mm (59.06'')
- Width: 200mm (7.87'')
- Height: 150mm (5.91'')
- Weight: 37.04 Ibs. (16.8kg)


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