Pneumatic Cylinder, long form for System 28 (Item No. 0-000855)

Pneumatic Cylinder, long form for System 28 (Item No. 0-000855)

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Pneumatic Clamps (Item No. 0-000855, also known as S0-000855) - By using the Pneumatic Cylinder, you can automate the clamping of your components, in order to maximize time- and cost effectiveness. In addition, automation guarantees precise measurements, such as clamping pressure, cycle times, etc. Assisted by adapters, the Pneumatic Cylinder Short Version (Item No. 000850, 000851) can be mounted into the system boreholes. The Pneumatic Cylinder Long Version (Item No. 000855) is fastened with a system 28 thread bushing in the threaded boreholes. Via a distribution block (Item No. 000860) the pneumatic cylinder is connected with the compressor and can be actuated at an operating pressure of 1 to 10 bar. Depending on the type of pressure cylinder, the lifting range is 25 mm or 50 mm. By operating the respective sliding valve the tension is released.

Specs and Features:

  • Force: F = 350 N at 8 bar
  • Weight: 1.76 Ibs


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