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System 22 Welding Tables

Adapter Plate 22 -> 16 - Nitrided (Item No. 2-000572.N)

Adapter Plate (Item No. 2-000572.N, also known as S2-000572.N), especially developed in order to fasten 22 mm screw clamps on 16 mm tables. The Plate is fixed onto the table using clamping bolts. The 22 mm hole located in the center is used to quickly and safely fasten the screw clamp. Specs and Features: Length: 150mm (5.90'') Width: 50mm (1.96'')...

Adapter with Hole Pattern Ø 50 / 15 - Burnished (Item No. 2-220715)

Adapter with Hole Pattern (Item No. 2-220715, also known as S2-220715), can be used universally with 22 mm bore holes. The integrated O-ring provides the perfect fit. Specs and Features: Height: 26mm ( 1.02'') Diameter Ø: 50mm ( 1.96'') MS: 15mm ( 0.59'') Weight: 1.30 Ibs.

Basic Pipe Clamp Universal - Burnished (Item No. 2-220604)

Basic Pipe Clamp Universal (Item No. 2-220604, also known as S2-220604), with swiveling Arbor enables flexible clamping at a + / - 42 degree angle. This Pipe Clamp combines the advantages of conventional 45° or 90° clamps. It can be used at an angle as well as straight, resulting in additional clamping options and a more variable clamping range. The...

Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Adapter (Item No. 2-220710)

Horizontal Toggle Clamp (Item No. 2-220710, also known as S2-220710) with Adapter, universally usable with 22 mm bore holes. It achieves maximum efficiency in combination with Universal Stop (Item No. 220420.N). Specs and Features: Weight: 1.41 Ibs.

Magnetic Clamping Bolt 60 - Aluminum (Item No. 2-220740)

Magnetical Clamping Bolt (Item No. 2-220740, also known as S2-220740), enables fast clamping without bolting or the use of tools. It is preferable for pressure-sensitive parts like thin sheet metal, as well as elements that cannot be resisted, e.g. enclosed sheet metal housing. Specs and Features: Length: 60mm (2.36'') Ø: (o) 22mm (0.86) Weight: 0.08 Ibs Material Type: Aluminum

Professional Fast Tension Clamp - Burnished (Item No. 2-220615)

The Professional Fast Tension Ratchet Clamp (Item No. 2-220615, also known as S2-220615) is used to clamp welding parts quickly and powerfully. The force can be set individually with the grating. A long lifetime and efficiency is guaranteed by the burnished material, as well as the possiblity to order spare parts individually. With the new handwheel on the cast iron cross,...

Professional Screw Clamp - Burnished (Item No. 2-220610)

Professional Screw Clamp (Item No. 2-220610, also known as S2-220610), enables fast, powerful and exact clamping with a variety of welding elements. Achieve maximum efficiency through time-saving, quick adjustments and effortless disassembly. For individual modification, we offer special lenghts of horizontal and vertical bars. The dimensions of the horizontal bar are 30x10 mm. The dimensions of the vertical bar are...

Professional Screw Clamp 45°/90° - Burnished (Item No. 2-220630)

The Professional Screw Clamp 45°/90° (Item No. 2-220630, also known as S2-220630) replaces conventional 45° or 90° screw clamps. This Screw Clamp sets new standards because of its infinitely variable rotatability from 0°-360°. To fasten every kind of welding part with the clamps, the prisms are interchangeable. For suitable prisms see page 340. The dimensions of the flat bar in use...