2-280210: 2P Clamping Bridge for Screw Clamps

2-280210: 2P Clamping Bridge for Screw Clamps

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The Clamping Bridge 2P (Item No. 2-280210), is perfect to work in positions which are difficult to access or to clamp various components simultaneously. Clamping on uneven surfaces is also possible with pendulum compensation.

The high functionality is guaranteed with quick shifting of the spherical pin. A clamping bridge, two ball pins and two prisms are included in the delivery. In order to safely attach any kind of welding elements with the Clamping Bridge 2P, the prism is interchangeable.

Specs and Features:
- Item No. 2-280210
- Clamp 2 Spots Simultaneously
- Length: 170mm (6.69'')
- Width: 35mm (1.37'')
- Height: 20mm (0.30'')
- Weight: 1.75 Ibs.


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